Wise Angler Swivels

Wise Angler Swivels


Coast Lock Snap Rolling Swivel

The Coast Lock Snap Rolling Swivel combines premium brass construction with a stainless steel snap for the ultimate in marine-grade strength and rust resistance. Its precision engineering and superior craftsmanship make this swivel ideal for any fishing application.


Crossline Rolling Swivel with Pearl Beads

Crossline Rolling Swivel with Pearl Beads is ideal for surf casting or boat fishing. It assists in creating the perfect dropper rig; providing strong connection between the leader and mainline, whilst eliminating the risk of tangles. Its innovative design provides impeccable strength and reliability for those looking to target 30lbs snapper.


 Impressed Rolling Swivel

The Impressed Rolling Swivel is a must-have for any angler. With its strong connection and ability to avoid tangled lines, this swivel has been designed to help you have the best fishing experience possible. Perfect for novice and experienced anglers alike, it makes a great addition to any tackle box.


Italian Snap Rolling Swivel

Experience effortless connections between your soft bait main lines and jig heads with the Italian Snap Rolling Swivel. Its narrow eye tip creates a secure and reliable attachment—allowing you to switch hooks in just seconds. Enjoy enhanced bait presentation and swimming abilities with this versatile and dependable product.

Screwed Snap Rolling Swivel

The Screwed Snap Rolling Swivel is the versatile lure swivel you need to stay one step ahead. With its slide-in connection and superior strength, you can quickly interchange your lure or stickbait to adapt to changing conditions. This must-have addition to your tackle box is perfect for when you’re casting for big fish like kingfish and tuna. Make sure you don’t miss your next catch!