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Zingaz Stick Bait

The Zingaz® Stick bait from Catch is manufactured from a heavy duty ABS thermoplastic polymer and available in 3 sizes.

120mm – 20gr floating / 150mm – 35gr floating / 180mm – 90gm floating / 120gr sinking

This stickbait lure is rigged with 1/0, 3/0, 6/0 single hooks.

The lure will dart, weave and pop on the retrieve to create the illusion of a panicked baitfish. It is suitable for targeting kingfish, GTs, tuna, and even billfish.

Available in floating (20, 35, 90 grams) and sinking (120gram) and in 5 vibrant holographic finishes of Ballistic Blue, Green Reaper, Black Ninja, Orange Assassin and Cyan Supreme