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Micro Pocket Rocket 7g 3Pk

Micro Pocket Rocket 7g 3Pk


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There is a simple reason why micro jigs are the size that they are. To allow the angler to work the lure in such a way as to encourage the fish to strike. Tungsten with its high atomic mass adds extra weight to a small profile. This means the angler can fish these small jigs through the full water-column…….a very effective lure when the bite is slow!…..Available in Ballistic Blue, Shady Lady & Lethal Lumo

  • Heavy tungsten – small profile
  • Great for both shallow and deep water fishing when it’s a tough bite
  • Irresistible action that stimulates aggressive bites
  • Uses the same light weight fishing tackle as you would for soft baiting
  • Lightweight high-strength assist hook and braid