Fishing Value pack

Fishing Value pack


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The Catch Snapper V3 Value Pack comes complete with a professionally selected range of snapper lures in a custom design waterproof lure box.


  • Catch Waterproof 360 x 230 x 50mm Tackle Box
  • 1 x Freestyle Kabura
  • 1 x Catch Microfibre Towel
  • 1 x Lil Squidwings
  • 1 x Beta Bug
  • 1 x Double Trouble
  • 1 x Squidwings
  • 1 x 20gram Micro Jig
  • 2 x Black Label Livies
  • 1 x Stingaz Jighead

Valued up to $130:00 if purchased separately, now $79.00

The Catch Snapper Value Pack components are extensively tested and used by fishing professionals.

As a newcomer to the wonderful world of fishing or just someone with limited experience, you may find yourself confronted with a confusing array of bait options with names and terminology that mean little to you. And to be fair there are so many lure options for different circumstances it can be hard to know where to begin, so with this in mind, here at Fish4Tucker we supply a fabulous collection of different lures and baits to cover a multitude of situations.

This fishing tackle value pack has all the essential lures that you will need to go out and start catching, from micro jigs and jigheads, 2 packs of Black Label Livies softbaits, Squidwings and the awesome Freestyle Kabura that features Japanese technology designed to get you more bites. Each and every lure comes with high quality, super sharp hooks to ensure that you get the best results possible from your lures.

This comprehensive selection of lures comes presented in a custom-made waterproof tackle box and also includes a handy micro fibre towel, great for keeping your hands clean and dry. This is such a good offer, designed to help newbies, that experienced fishermen are taking advantage, as you can save around 60% when you purchase this value pack compared to buying all the individual components singly.

This fishing tackle value pack is just one of many that we offer in our quest to make the excellent fishing in our coastal waters accessible to all at prices that won’t break the bank.

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