A triple action squid jig, for triple appeal by Yo-Zuri. Based on the latest developments found in the PataPata squid jig family, the Q Rattle offer three times the appeal: Sound, Colors, Wave Motion have resulted in a highly attractive model.

The PataPata-Q Rattle leave no blind spot to nearby, feeding squids, as they can be detected from any direction.

The “Sound” element is a rattling sound produced, at the wave length that squids can detect and resembles that of a shrimp.

In addition to the impressive color combinations, their body have either a “Blue Night Body Effect”, or an Ultraviolet (Keimura) stripe.

The Slim Fin patent, produces wave motions that help squids detect movement.

Lighting Body: The Blue Light body, emits a blue-green glowing stripe at a 488nm wave length, that is best seen by squids.

Pata-Pata Slim Fin Pattent: Yo-Zuri installed in the Pata Pata Q Fin Slim. They compared thoroughly the number of vibrations of fins. When the fins receive water pressure, they produce an attractive wave motion. So, squid tend to grab Patapata Q without hesitation.

Rattle “Shrimp Sound” adopted: The shrimp bends the tail and reproduces the sound echoing in the water when escaping. The speed of sound in water is about 4.4 times in air. That’s why the appeal is outstanding.

Snagless Bumper: A “Bumper” has been placed around the sinker to protect the lead against deformation, prevent snags and increase the bottom sensing ability and sensitivity of the squid jig.

Snagless Sinker: By flattening the rear part of the sinker, Yo-Zuri managed to utilize the resistance of the wind when casting and return the jig’s posture to a horizontal position. The flat surface of the sinker makes the flight attitude more stable, extending the casting distance.

Trick Hook: Extra sharp hooks with high penetration rate.