Softbait Value Pack

Softbait Value Pack


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The Softbait pack is perfect for introducing newbies to softbait and microjig fishing with two packs of livies softbaits, jigheads, assist hooks, 20lb fluro-carbon leader and a bonus micro-jig all inside a Catch tacklebox.



2 x Catch livies packs

1 x Catch Stingaz Jighead pack

! x Catch Stingaz assist hooks

1 x Catch Micro-jig

1 x Catch 20lb Fluro-carbon Leader (30m)

1 x Catch Waterwings

1 x Catch Tacklebox

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At Fish4tucker we are committed to bringing our customers great value deals, and one of our headliners is our Soft Bait Fishing Pack, that contains all the terminal tackle you need to actually go out and start fishing.

Starting off with 2 Catch Livies, ultra realistic fish imitating soft baits, but constructed from durable Thermoplastic Elastomer that prevents bite off as those larger predators grab them, you will find that this great value pack offers the opportunity to catch fish of all sizes in a variety of circumstances. The Catch Stingaz Jighead that you will also find in this pack can be effectively used in conjunction with the Livies to create the ultimate soft bait action that is irresistible to fish of all species.

Whereas the jig head is weighted to help get your bait down to the required depth, in contrast Catch Waterwings are buoyant, and they can help you replicate the movement of dying or injured baitfish – a little bit of action from your rod will have your bait fluttering enticingly through the water layers. Also present in the pack is a micro jig – which despite what you may initially think isn’t just aimed at smaller species. Large specimens that have natural wariness can easily be fooled by a well-presented micro jig when larger baits fail.

And to finish off this remarkable offer, 30m of 20lb fluorocarbon leader – which is abrasion resistant and almost impossible to see in water, and Catch Stingaz assist hooks are all packed together in a handy Catch tacklebox.