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Deep-V Slow Pitch

Deep-V Slow Pitch


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The Deep V is a versatile lure for catching kingfish, XXL snapper and many other species.
It combines several design features to present a lure that is irresistible.

• Stimulates aggressive action on the drop & retrieve
• The V shaped keel gives the lure stability and a twitching action as it descends
at around 45 degrees, simulating a dying fish
• Super bright holographic finish and glow in the dark underside to attract fish
from further away
• Rigged with strong 450lb Kevlar assist cord and 11/0 stainless steel hooks with flash
• Stainless 300lb solid ring and 120lb assist cord split ring
COLOURS: Ballistic Blue, Orange Assassin, Shady Lady, White Warrior
WEIGHTS: 170g, 280g

Whether fishing in 30m or 150+m there is a Deep-V for you. Pair these jigs with a Catch Kensai 150gr jigging rod or a Acid-wrap 250gr for the best action in working the lure.