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Welcome to Fish4Tucker!

A New Zealand owned and operated business run by a passionate team of fishermen based in the beautiful Bay of Islands New Zealand, We strive to supply top quality fishing tackle and apparel, whilst sharing our Journey and adventures with family and friends in NZs spectacular outdoors. Fishing, Motorbikes and barbecue is what we do.

Here in New Zealand, we are blessed with a coastline that offers fantastic fishing that is the envy of fisherman around the globe, the rich clean waters holding fish and other aquatic life in abundance. And the Bay of Islands, which is home to Fish4tucker, a locally owned and operated fishing tackle suppliers, is recognised as a world class fishing destination, with seasonal visitors arriving for the exceptional opportunity to target magnificent marlin and tuna.

However, all year round the region is known for its prolific snapper, kingfish and trevally which are targeted by locals and visitors alike, providing great sport – and great eating! At Fishing4tucker we can supply a sea fishing starter kit plus all the fishing tackle and equipment that you could possibly need – everything from rods and reels to accessories for the more experienced fishermen, to fishing tackle packages and starter kits that provide an affordable option for newcomers to the sport, or those in need of some extra bits and pieces.

The range of rods that we supply, including our fishing rod starter kit, are all made by Catch, a high-quality rod manufacturer with rods specially designed for saltwater jigging and spinning. All of the rods feature powerful yet responsive carbon blanks with Fuji line guides and ergonomically designed handles to ensure fishing with them is a real pleasure. With rods suitable for jigging lures of up to 250 g and an excellent 5-piece travel rod with a broken-down length of only 67cm, we have rods for every occasion that you are likely to encounter.

Matching the appropriate reel to your rod is all important to get the best out of your tackle, and to help you, we supply a number of rod/reel combos, but if you know what you need, you can select from our choice of spinning or overhead reels of various sizes.

At the business end, we have a selection of hooks, swivels, fluorocarbon or monofilament leaders plus the revolutionary Klik sinkers, that allow you change sinkers in seconds, without the need to tie more knots or risk damaging your line.

Targeting different species of fish requires differing approaches and should you be considering soft bait fishing, we have a soft bait starter pack that not only includes a selection of soft baits but a leader, hooks and a micro jig all supplied in a handy tackle box. And if you need a selection of lures, we also have a fishing lure starter pack with a good selection of lures to help you target your chosen species of fish.

For a novice, fishing can present some initial expense but at Fishing4tucker our selection of fishing tackle starter kits, fishing tackle packages and tackle box starter kits are on hand to ease the burden whilst still providing high quality equipment. 

At Fishing4tucker we are passionate about fishing and love to encourage newcomers to our sport; if you would like to start, why not try out one of our fishing box sets and get fishing in our wonderful local waters?

Here at the Bay of Islands, home to Fish4tucker, we receive numerous visitors every year, some of whom come specifically to sample the outstanding fishing in our rich, clean ocean waters, but also non-fishing visitors who revel in the tranquillity and natural beauty of the area. However, once here many of these visitors are tempted to try out the fishing and at Fish4tucker we have a wide selection of fishing starter kits, fishing tackle packages and fishing tackle value packs that can help get you fishing without an unreasonable initial outlay.

Getting hold of a sea fishing starter pack may be slightly overwhelming to the uninitiated – there are so many variations on the theme, but with the friendly advice from our dedicated and passionate fishermen at Fish4tucker, you can find yourself equipped with the appropriate fishing starter pack or fishing rod starter kit – with a well-matched reel, plus some terrific baits that will enable to get fishing – and catching straight away. Our exceptional value soft bait fishing pack comes not only with a number of soft baits and micro jigs but also contains spare hooks and a 30m leader – all supplied in handy tackle box.

Furthermore, we supply fishing lure value and starter packs that will cover a range of fishing situations, featuring a selection of terrific hand-made stickbaits, plus fishing box sets containing jigs and softbaits for specific species of fish.

When you require a fishing tackle starter kit or set that doesn’t compromise on quality but won’t cost the earth, Fishing4tucker are there for you.

At Fish 4 Tucker, Northland’s premier online store for fishing tackle, accessories and supplies, we are proud stockists of the Catch fishing tackle range with everything from hooks to top of the range spinning rods and reels.

Catch is an Australasian company that have invested heavily in research and field testing to guarantee that their products will help you catch more, and bigger fish. At the business end, we stock an awesome array of Catch fishing lures, Catch softbaits and Catch jigs many of which are available in economic value packs, meaning that whatever your chosen style of fishing you will not have to break the bank.

With high quality Catch rods and reels, including the excellent Pro Series which features superb spinning and jigging reels plus a wide range of rods – plus rod and reel combos, Fish 4 Tucker is your number one Catch fishing tackle online supplier in NZ.

And alongside all these fishing essentials we also supply a wide range of accessories from Catch such as Catch fishing Gpro nets, pliers, hooks, waterproof tackle boxes of varying sizes and configurations and even towels to ensure that every time you set out fishing, you can have absolutely everything you need, all sourced from your favourite online fishing store, Fish 4 Tucker.

With speedy despatch on orders, free shipping on all orders in excess of $99 and a customer friendly returns policy should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase you can be assured of the very best of customer service from Fish 4 Tucker.

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the country but if you are new to the sport, you may be faced with a bewildering selection of tackle from which to choose, so here at Fish 4 Tucker we have a wide array of fishing tackle packages to help you get on your way. A fishing tackle starter kit will provide you with the essentials that you require – and at great value for money, meaning that when you have acquired your fishing starter set you will have some cash left over for some of our Catch lures, acknowledged as some of the best in the business, which are also available in a fishing lure starter pack.

Catch NZ produce a wide range of fishing tackle and accessories, loved by anglers around the country, and the range of Catch fishing lures which can be bought as a fishing lure value pack have a history of catching outstanding fish!

At Fish 4 Tucker we aim to make fishing affordable for all, and whether you are in need of a fishing rod starter kit, a tackle box starter kit or other items of Catch fishing tackle such as Catch fishing Gpro, we will have the fishing starter pack, fishing lure pack and fishing box sets at prices you will find hard to match.

For a complete sea fishing starter kit or to buy other Catch fishing NZ products online you can rely on Fish 4 Tucker to supply what you need at a price you will love.